Two Best Friends Play:


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Game ZombiU
Season 6
Episode 6
Length 13:23
Upload Date Dec 9, 2012
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Scribblenauts Wii U
Next Far Cry 3

Two Best Friends Play: ZombiU is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat struggle to survive against the zombie horde, and make fun of the British, Woolie, James Small, and U2 along the way.


Matt and Pat make fun of the British while killing zombies. Two things they’re pretty decent at!
— Website description


The intro cartoon has Pat fighting off a horde of zombies with a shotgun, as Matt attempts to unlock a nearby door with a Wii U controller. The zombies get increasingly closer as Matt continues to fail at hacking the door lock. Matt finally breaks the code as a zombie Pat reaches for him.


Why can't I use a Quidditch broom to attack? .... We don't know anything about England!
— Matt
I hate to tell you this Pat, but when it comes to the matter of sex, you might not want to say "Whatever." to whatever you find.
— Matt
There's no way a woman can be that hot. She's probably a man.
— Matt
They're gonna come through that fuckin' door! .....Eventually.
— Pat
I can't believe how great these fat beats are.
— Pat (as the Queen of England)