Two Best Friends Play:

Xbox Live Indie Games

TBFP Xbox Live Indie Games
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Game Various Xbox Live indie games
Season 1
Episode 11
Length 13:49
Upload Date Mar 6, 2011
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
Next Red Dead Redemption
“I swear to God if I ever meet the guy who made this, I'm going to make him play it.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Xbox Live Indie Games is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat get gang raped by apes, play as the guy that ran the D&D club at Matt's old job, talk to God from a plasma Yamatachi television screen, experience the miracle of child birth, teabag ladies in baby form, and have simultaneous strokes.


The horrible dank hole that is Xbox Live Indie games is opened in this video, gaping wide and gasping for life.
— Website description


I saw like a few screenshots and it looked like a game, so...
— Matt
Aw, man! The sky box has lines on the corners! For fucks sake!
— Pat
This is not when I pictured when I was thinking of a fun afternoon of video gaming.
— Matt
I'll fucking play the shit out of Alpha Chimps.
— Pat
Look at our sad, decayed husk of a corpse of a monkey model.
— Matt
— Matt
Angels are weak against spikes.
— Matt
I think this game is banging your Xbox.
— Pat
That doctor just got a face full of baby ass.
— Matt
She's like a living erection.
— Pat