Matt & Woolie's Old School Playthroughs:

Wild Guns

Wild Guns
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Game Wild Guns
Episodes 2
Length 41:24
Original Run Nov 28, 2012 - Dec 1, 2012
Controller Matt and Woolie (Co-op)

For the one-off episode, see Wild Guns: Reloaded

“Just... shoot the fucking dudes! Hit the dudes, too. Occasionally lasso the dudes.” — Woolie

Oldschool Playthroughs - Wild Guns is a Matt & Woolie's Old School Playthroughs series in which Matt and Woolie team up to avenge Annie's fammily while destroying mechs, shooting dudes, hitting dudes, and occasionally lassoing dudes.


Annie can't find any tough, handsome bounty hunters to help get revenge on the evil desperado who attacked her family! So she enlists the help of Matt & Woolie instead!
— Website description, part one
The hardest stages in the old um, techno-west await Matt and Woolie! Will they be able to take down the evil Kid and do whatever vague thing Annie asked of them?
— Website description, part two

Quotes Edit

How wild are these guns?
— Matt
The wildest!
— Woolie
Whoever fought Daigo should have choice!
— Woolie
Just... shoot the fucking dudes! Hit the dudes, too. Occasionally lasso the dudes.
— Woolie
Well pardner, that was a fun time in ye olde ammunition depot!
— Matt
Remember when the Old West had triceratops THAT DIED?
— Woolie
Pat's got the vapors 'cause he's never seen no Genesis game do this!
— Matt, in a Southern belle accent
Meanwhile... Zeppelins!
— Woolie
Fuck you Mecha Crab!
— Matt
Hey kids, if you ever have a girl that you're really interested in, you might want to show her your no death playthrough of Wild Guns. Nothin' gets the ladies wetter than the Super Nintendo.
— Matt
How can Mecha West stand up to the power of FOUR tits?
— Matt
Lasso his dick, I'll shoot him in the chest.
— Matt
The power of the vag beats all!
— Matt

Trivia Edit

During part one, sixteen minutes in, Matt's phone goes off, playing music from Max Anarchy instead of Deadly Premonition.