Two Best Friends Play:

WWE All-Stars

WWE All-Stars
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Game WWE All-Stars
Season 2
Episode 3
Length 10:22
Upload Date May 1, 2011
Controller Co-op
Previous Mortal Kombat
Next Portal 2

For the Rustlemania episode, see WWE All-Stars (Rustlemania).

For the Rustlemania 2: SuperBrawl Saturday III episode, see WWE All-Stars (2nd Impact).

“No more ugly kids for you.” — Matt
“Oh, he has plenty of ugly kids left in him.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: WWE All-Stars is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat make fun of The Rock's career, make fun of Hulk Hogan's ugly kids, make fun of dead wrestlers, and introduce the greatest wrestler of all time.


Remember that time when the Shockmaster had a weird upside down chicken face and an American tie?
— Website description


Who the fuck is The Miz? Sounds like a cracker.
— Matt
Hey, did you see that movie where he played the tooth fairy.
— Pat referring to The Rock
It's like a battle between him, Vin Diesel, and Paul Walker to see who's more washed up.
— Pat
He better have that gigantic truck where he sprayed beer and killed several people.
— Matt
Oh, just taking a dump on your chest!
— Matt
That's not my uncle, man. My uncle is way more of a scumbag than Paul Bearer.
— Pat
That explains everything!
— Matt and Pat
Remember that time that like that people saw his daughter and realized she was like a whorey, freakish girl version of himself.
— Pat
Tobey Maguire can't handle this!
— Matt doing a Macho Man impression.