Two Best Friends Play:

Vampire Rain

Vampire Rain
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Game Vampire Rain
Season 1
Episode 3
Length 7:59
Upload Date Jan 9, 2011
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Earth Defense Force 2017
Next Dead Rising 2
“Lloyd, Hanson, and Sven. WE ARE VAMPIRE RAIN!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play" Vampire Rain is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat join the "Vampire Rain" squad to rid the world of the horrifying "Nightwalkers!"


Oh man, we actually played this at one point? I have no memory of this.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Oh, dude, there's blood on the screen. That's how we know that warning is legit as hell.
— Pat
It's not rainin' men.
— Matt
So in a game that has 'vampire' in its title, they refuse to say the word 'vampire' in the game.
— Pat
Is this Sam Fisher's job in-between games?
— Pat
It's literally fucking raining vampires in this game?
— Pat
That's textbook vampirism right there, right?
— Matt
I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that the people who made this game don't know what a vampire is.
— Pat
This game is stupid, and you are stupid for making me play it. And now I'm stupid.
— Pat
They're ladies of the night, but not in the way you might want.
— Matt