Two Best Friends Play:

Super Nintendo

Super Nintendo
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Game Various SNES games
Season 2
Episode 5
Length 11:47
Upload Date May 15, 2011
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Portal 2
Next L.A. Noire
“Are these cops like time cops?” — Matt
“Nah man, they're diplomatic immunity time cops.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Super Nintendo is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat play various SNES hits like, Time Cop, Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, a couple of Schwarzenegger games, and other action classics!


We play a whole hot mess of SNES movie games! The best kind! Shit, we should have gone back in time to stop ourselves from doing this.
— Website description


You got the time! Now you're a cop.
— Matt
He destroys California with his bad policies.
— Matt
This is like Schwarzenegger's last day at the office where he goes nuts and kills everyone.
— Pat
She's like, I can't believe Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is fighting that guy.
— Matt
“'Cause they know you're going to be a million miles away and you're not going to fuckin' turn around and come back and get a refund. They fuck you at the drive through! They fuck you, they fuck you, they fuck you at the drive through!
— Pat
Remember that time Mel Gibson had to fight 50 foot crocodiles in the sewers of Los Angeles.
— Matt
Cleaning the streets of every ethnicity he sees.
— Matt