Two Best Friends Play:

Scribblenauts Wii U

Scribblenauts Unlimited
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Game Scribblenauts Wii U
Season 6
Episode 5
Length 15:11
Upload Date Dec 2, 2012
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous New Super Mario Bros. U
Next ZombiU
“The best friends use the power of their imagination to achieve all new levels debauchery!”

Two Best Friends Play: Scribblenauts Wii U is Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat ride NeoGAF, fight Cthuhlu, wear frog suits, deal with Wolverines, spawn Nintendo characters, and appease finicky art patrons.


Gotta write! Gotta scribble! Gotta scribble fast! OHHH A PUGGLE!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The cartoon intro features Matt with his Wii U controller editing game Pat's likeness so that he can become his favorite, Reptile the Invisiblessed. However, after the transformation Matt and Maxwell just cruelly laugh at a T-Rex looking Pat, much to a roaring Pat's dismay.

Quotes Edit

The streets are crazy right now!
— Matt
Now Zelda's scared of the zombie... and she just killed herself.
— Matt
That's what girls do.
— Pat
— Matt
Suck it, Dingo!
— Pat