Two Best Friends Play:

Portal 2

Portal 2
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Game Portal 2
Season 2
Episode 4
Length 12:37
Upload Date May 8, 2011
Controller Matt, Co-op
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“No one tells you anything! To my knowledge, I'm the only person who talks to you!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Portal 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat grasp the concept of portals, encounter their robot friend Nigel, slip n' slide to the sound of smooth jazz, and let the cooperative experience spiral into madness.


Now we’re thinking with stupidity! And portals! Don’t forget about dem portals!
— Website description


The game is awesome, but you're... an idiot.
— Pat
Wait, what? I don't listen to rap, dude.
— Matt
Hey, it's Nigel.
— Matt
His name isn't Nigel, dude. They're not all named Nigel, that's awful.
— Pat
It's so smooth, I can't take it!
— Pat
Fuck you! You are like brain cancer! Mind cancer! You're like a brain tumor... you're hurting my ideas!
— Pat
— Matt
I swear to God, if I fucking walk over there and that shit closes on me, I'm going to go outside, find a homeless man, pay him money to come here and take a dump in your sink.
— Pat
Slam dunk! Yeah!
— Matt
This is like an abstract painting of our stupidity.
— Matt