Two Best Friends Play:

Metal Wolf Chaos

Metal Gear Chaos
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Game Metal Wolf Chaos
Season 4
Episode 13
Length 19:52
Upload Date Apr 15, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks
Next Lollipop Chainsaw

For the full Let's Play, see Metal Wolf Chaos (Full Let's Play).

“Believe... in your own justice!”

Two Best Friends Play: Metal Wolf Chaos is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat take back America. It is the season four finale of Two Best Friends Play. In it, Matt introduces Pat to an extremely patriotic game made in Japan exclusively for the original Xbox, but never released in the United States.


— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon has Matt and Pat destroying a city inside an enormous mech until Matt decides to troll them both by hitting all of Pat's buttons. This caused the mech to blow everything (including itself and the Two Best Friends) up.

Quotes Edit

I want this guy to be father and my uncle and my brother.
— Matt
Fuck you Lincoln!
— Matt
Yo Woolie you suck!
— Pat
Operation: Save Arizona: The Smell of Blood and Gunsmoke.
— Matt
I like you a lot Mr. President!
— Pat
You see, back when I was president, we didn't have these giant robits. All we had was the worship of the devil.
— President Nixon
This is our new tank... The Meredith! It's got ton of shit on it you won't fuckin' believe it!
— President Nixon
Get off my back and get onto my dick.
— Matt
What the fuck, is Canada gonna help us, with their moose drivers and igloo balls?
— Pat
What are they gonna do, throw their leaves at us!?
— Matt
Can we ask for help so we can use Canada's overflowing rivers of maple syrup to wash away our sins?
— Matt
That's the most president-est.
— Pat
Mega Man! I can't get this broom outta my pussy!
— Matt
— Pat


  • According to his second Reddit AMA, Matt has considered revisiting Metal Wolf Chaos for a full Let's Play. [1] This eventually came to pass in January 2016.