Two Best Friends Play

Kirby's Epic Yarn

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Game Kirby's Epic Yarn
Season Pilot Episodes
Episode 1
Length 4:50
Upload Date Apr 19, 2011 (re-upload)
Controller Matt & Pat (Co-op)
“This is serious.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Kirby's Epic Yarn is the first Two Best Friends Play pilot episode, and the beginning of the Best Friends Empire. The music piece "Green Greens" from its soundtrack became the series' opening theme.  

About Edit

Two dudes playing a Kirby game. This is where it all began!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Okay, Fountain Gardens. Are you you ready?
— Matt
I guess.
— Pat
This is serious.
— Matt
If we don't kill the lovable little yarn creatures, the terrorists will win.
— Matt


  • It was originally posted sometime in 2010 on Matt's original "theswitcher" channel. After the account had been suspended, it was reposted to "TheSw1tcher". The video was originally uploaded by YouTube user gomenze.
  • The idea behind this episode was having two guys take a very easy and lighthearted game very seriously, even though the player can't die.
  • Matt originally proposed the idea for this video to Woolie, but he refused, because he was watching a stream of Super Street Fighter IV.