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Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Title Card
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Game Heavy Rain
Episodes 21
Combined Length 8:19:46
Original Run Sep 7, 2012 - Oct 6, 2012
Controller Matt and Pat

For the Live Stream, see Heavy Rain (Stream)

“I cannot think of a single other game in this generation that just gave us full-on man booty.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play Heavy Rain is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Pat play the bad movie known as Heavy Rain, dissecting David Cage's poorly crafted plot.

About Edit

Pat and Matt play the bad movie known as Heavy Rain.
— Playlist description

See the individual episode descriptions at the Heavy Rain (Full Let's Play) Descriptions page.


They sound like weird, French, little mutants. It's the worst.
This is the part where I really start laughing at how screwed over he got.
I'm going to sit behind my kid and stare at him from the corner.
Let me just cook a whole pile of Kraft dinner and throw it on your fucking face.
Time to just jerk it in ten seconds.
Ten ways to break a dude's dick off and he won't even know!
— Pat
There is literally no other place to put Heavy Rain in that title card of Ethan's butt.
— Matt
This is making me feel really uncomfortable. I've never been a naked girl before.
— Pat
Dump some Coke on it!
— Matt
Oh, it' the last floor. It's up there with the Queen of England and James Small beating off to ChuChu Rocket.
— Pat while using an English accent[src]
Da da da da! It's private dick and prostitute! Solving all the problems of the dead children!
— Matt
These kids are pretty dead.
— Pat
Da da da da da da da da DA DA!
— Matt and Pat
Haven't solved a single murder since day one! It's private dick and prostitute!
— Matt
Man saves son, loses pants.
— Matt
Hopefully she's not just crammed up full of dicks.
— Pat
Oh, you have a voice then, sweetheart? Why don't you just keep it shut?!
— Matt
Shawnson! Shawnson!
— Matt
Time to replace JAY-SON!
— Pat during the Ethan/Madison sex scene
Jayshawn has evolved into Greyshawn.
My new mom's way hot. Can I put it in her, dad?

Trivia Edit

  • The Start of the Sadness Trilogy.
  • The original Heavy Rain episode was released during the second season of the Machinima series.
  • This series spawned the "X is the Origami Killer" running gag, in which they accuse various things of being the Origami Killer.
  • In part nineteen, Matt asks Pat if they can overlay the sex scene with the audio clips of Ethan Mars shouting "JASON". Pat disagreed, but it was eventually done in Heavy Rain: Jason Edition.
  • In part 13 of the Heavy Rain playthrough while disinfecting Ethan's wounds while playing as Madison, Pat makes multiple comments regarding male nurses and his ability to become one, where Matt makes a comment toward Daigo Umehara having been one, much to Pat's surprise and delight at the opportunity of hazing Woolie even more.