Two Best Friends Play:

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2
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Game Guild Wars 2
Season 6
Episode 3
Length 11:34
Upload Date November, 18 2012
Controller Matt and Pat
Previous Resident Evil 6
Next New Super Mario Bros. U
“I'm just saying things I know from that one South Park episode.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Guild Wars 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat play a MMO while controlling their character who spends a quarter of the video talking about how great he is.


The Best Friends tread carefully into the mysterious online world of the Mmore Porger!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro is Matt and Pat dressed in medieval gear coming up to a cute bunny with the objective to defeat it, which prompts Pat to kick the bunny out of the screen shot. However, their come uppins are subsequently received when their next objective is to take down a dragon, namely The Shatterer, which appears right next to them right before it blasts their shit.

Quotes Edit

I could go for some pot.
— Pat
I have a fantasy about giant women.
— Matt
Do you think that would get really old if everyone talked like that? It's like,"Matt, can you pick me up some audio splitters from the Radio Shack?" "Sure, because that's where my legend begins!"
— Pat
Oh, man, I'm dinging all over!
— Pat
I have never let you down.
— Pat
Remember that one time I was at the hospital and I needed you to pick me up and you just said 'No'?
— Matt
Oh, Jesus: some Dobby shit!
— Matt
I usually stay clear of bubbling yellow liquid.
— Matt
You have been defeated by your own lack of foresight!
— Matt to Pat
It's got a goddamn Stargate in its dick.
— Pat
Not quite a man, not quite a thing, but a man-thing.
— Pat