Mini Two Best Friends Play:

Fatal Frame 2

Fatal Frame 2
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Game Fatal Frame 2
Length 4:33
Upload Date May 16, 2012
Controller Matt
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“You're almost ready to become a Sailor-Scout-Power-Puff-Sentai-mans.” — Pat

Mini Two Best Friends Play: Fatal Frame 2 is a short episode in which Matt and Pat


Because you demanded it! The best friends control two japanese school girls who go on a wacky misadveture involving demonic posession and murder!
— Video Description


Okay, well fuck all you people.
— Matt
Everyone loves listening to you go "Enuanghuangh."
— Pat
C'mon! Quickly! Use our girl trot.
— Matt
Just pretend that ghost is a really transparent Ipad.
— Matt
I can probably sell this to some creepy old man.
— Pat, referring to a picture of the character's sister
It's a ginger key! Now you can unlock me.
— Pat