Two Best Friends Play:

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3
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Game Far Cry 3
Season 6
Episode 7
Length 11:19
Upload Date Dec 16, 2012
Controller Matt
Previous ZombiU
Next Xbox Live Indie Games III
“This fuckin' island!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Far Cry 3 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat drive into rivers, fuck up pirate bases, do drugs, hunt tapirs, get bit by snakes, murder pigs, and get attacked by crocodiles.


So a bunch of douchebags get stranded on an island huh? Well don’t expect Matt and Pat to– AGHH! KOMODO DRAGONS!
— Website descriptions


Quotes Edit

I would say that guy looks like a Toyota Hyundai.
— Pat
Oh my god, are we playing Rise to Nightmares?
— Matt
I'm gonna fuck that bird with this coconut!
— Pat
You're right, Vaas. I have a gun that shoots vaginas.
— Pat
No, get to the choppa!
— Matt
I don't know what fuckin' planet you're from where deer look like dinosaurs.
— Pat
Every time I fall asleep, I wake up to black hipster man giving me tattoos all over.
— Pat
Fuck you, nature!
— Matt
Cats suck. I'd rather have a pig as a pet than a fuckin' cat.
— Pat
Well, you already have your mom.
— Matt
Stealthy like the jungle cat.
— Pat
This is the year of the komodo. You've got James Bond whipping dudes into komodo pits.
— Matt
If I was gonna have a band, that would be the poster. The lion tiger bisons.
— Matt
Hey, kids, don't be eating my Skittles.
— Matt impersonating Christopher Walken