Two Best Friends Play:

Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever
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Game Duke Nukem Forever
Season 2
Episode 10
Length 9:25
Upload Date Jun 19, 2011
Controller Pat
Previous Demon's Souls
Next Shadows of the Damned
“They still didn't finish the whole game!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Duke Nukem Forever is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat use penises to expel some urine, play with toilet paper, make the lights go out by playing with vibrators, and lose every possible chance of getting hyped.


We’re here to kick ass and play video games, but we don’t have any video games as this barely constitutes as one.
— Website description


Okay, you encoded something on a disc and you put it in here to troll me.
— Matt
Wow, this looks fucking terrible.
— Pat
Oh my God, that's the actual angle you would drink water from. Twelve years!
— Matt
He was playing the game... and was receiving fellatio!
— Matt
Stay away from Pregnators. That's a pro-tip for life, Matt.
— Pat
So why did you install it in your Duke Cave, fucking asshole?
— Matt
Oh, this gun is terrible!
— Pat
This game is so terrible! Why would they make it like this?! WHY WOULD THEY MAKE IT?!
— Pat