Two Best Friends Play:

Disaster: Day of Crisis

Disaster- Day of Crisis
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Game Disaster: Day of Crisis
Season 1
Episode 8
Length 9:38
Upload Date Feb 13, 2011
Controller Pat
Previous Dead Space 2
Next Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

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“Shoot the black guy!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Disaster: Day of Crisis is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat survive extreme disasters by giving every wounded girl a pearl necklace, fighting the ancient teleporting bears, avoiding Cthulhu Michael Bay, and getting confused by the great fire storm tornadoes.


This is gonna be….ONE HELLUVA DAY!
— Website description


Oh yeah, disaster area! Hose some bitches down!
— Pat
I just ate the shit out of that burger.
— Pat
Disaster: Day of Bears.
— Matt
Is this how Japan views America's fatness?
— Pat
Cthulhu Michael Bay is right behind you inside that tsunami, dude.
— Matt
Oh, man, what is that: my ghetto, like, seventies Metal Gear that they ran out of money building?
— Pat