Two Best Friends Play:

Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition
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Game Deadly Premonition
Season 1
Episode 13
Length 13:48
Upload Date Mar 20, 2011
Controller Pat
Previous Red Dead Redemption
Next Resident Evil 4

For the full Let's Play, see Deadly Premonition (Full Let's Play).

“I rom hacked your mom's ass last night.” — Matt
“Hey fuck you. You don't know how to code.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Deadly Premonition is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat become honorable agents by collecting bizarre spinning powerups, eat a lot of the pickles, get their faces fisted, and try to figure out what their unpaid salary is.


We take our first trip into Greenvale, and still can’t handle that weird monkey/squirrel hybrid!
— Website description


Why the fuck are they using public domain monkey noises for squirrels?
— Pat
What the hell? Is that Heath Ledger's ghost?
— Pat
Lollipops are good. Who are you to say otherwise?
— Matt
I wish i could beat you over the head with a fucking steel pipe right now.
— Pat
You're waggling it pretty hard maybe that... it's too much.
— Matt
Oh shit there's a zombie over there! Watch out... oh, it's just an old lady.
— Matt
You put that shit as your cellphone ringtone!
— Pat