Two Best Friends Play:

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2
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Game Dead Rising 2
Season 1
Episode 4
Length 7:50
Upload Date Jan 16, 2011
Controller Matt
Previous Vampire Rain
Next Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
“Sweet, now that zombie is Blanka. See ya at Evo, fucker!” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Dead Rising 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat are gallivanting around Fortune City from one store to the next in the zombie apocalypse. They hang out with their friend Anim, hit zombies with cooking oil, dress in drag, and ignore their dying daughter.


We dress up like tiny children and ride three-wheeler bikes! Also, we play some Dead Rising I guess.
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Oh, it's my friend Anim. His last name is Ation.
— Matt
Now I gotta deal with you and Chuck not shutting the fuck up?
— Pat
She's gonna abort Daddy with that coat hanger.
— Pat
Katie, just shut up, OK?
— Matt
Hey, kid, you shut your goddamn mouth and make me some pork chop sandwiches!
— Pat
Can I use Katie as, like, bait?
— Matt
Man, that kid's gotta lay off on, like, the food. Like the food, period.
— Pat
These people just survived a horrific zombie attack. Why would you hit them with boxes?
— Pat
“'Cause so then to see if they can survive a horrible box attack!
— Matt
What would you say if you were infected by a zombie thing and you were like, "Dad, save me," and your dad was all like,"Sorry, honey, I gotta put on Groucho Marx novelty glasses and put on these cut-offs and run around playing golf." Would you be like,"Aw, dude, Dad, you're so awesome?"
— Pat