Mini Two Best Friends Play:

Dead Island

Dead Island
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Game Dead Island
Length 4:33
Upload Date Oct 8, 2011
Controller Matt
Previous Max Payne 2
Next Alone In The Dark
“So, another charming paradise in which we can spend our time together, Pat.” — Matt

Mini Two Best Friends Play: Dead Island is a short episode in which Matt and Pat explore a tropical island paradise, kill zambambos, and guzzle energy drinks.


Honestly, there's only so much zombie killing the best friends can take!
— Video Description


Nothing at all!
— Matt, in reference to the Simpsons
It's fiiine, it's fiiiine, it's fine, it's fine, it's fine!
— Pat
Hey! It's Papa Shango!
— Matt
Wow! Everyone's in their Charlie's Angels poses already!
— Matt
Man, them zambamboes...
— Matt
Hey, there's Sam B.... And his 'B' is clipping into his chest...
— Pat
Man, they got ladies falling outta tha sky! I love this place! I came to the right island!
— Matt, as Sam B.
Why are you just guzzling energy drinks?
— Pat