Matt & Woolie's Old School Playthroughs:


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Game Battleclash
Episodes 2
Length 49:06
Original Run Dec 5, 2012 - Dec 8, 2012
Controller Matt
“So that clash was surely of the most battling type.” — Matt

Oldschool Playthroughs - Battleclash is a Matt & Woolie's Old School Playthroughs series in which Matt and Woolie shoot down mechas, defeat the chiefs, and face the Greek personification of death.


Oh Battleclash, you are the clashiest battle of them all!
— Website description, part one
The clash really heats up as Matt and Woolie face the GREEK PERSONIFICATION OF DEATH!
— Website description, part two

Quotes Edit

The theme of Battleclash should have been called the theme of heroes. The true theme of heroes.
— Woolie
When Solid Snake was crawling through the microwaves, this is what should have been playing.
— Matt
Let's go to Babel! Let's just fight at Babel!
— Matt
The butthurt can be heard across the veil of death!
— Matt
London's got nothin' against America! Your city can't beat my country!
— Matt
Samus, no!
— Woolie, after defeating ARTEMIS
Yo, check it out-it's Frank the Ninja.
— Woolie
Mode Seven all up in this bitch.
— Woolie
To the end Thanatos. To the end! Fuck Babel. Fuck the Greek god of death. He 'aint got shit!
— Woolie
So that clash was surely of the most battling type.
— Matt