“I did it. Bonerface got boiled.” — Pat

"BONERFACE-SAMA" is the name given to Pat's created character in Way of the Samurai 4.

Description Edit

When creating his character, Pat chose to give him "Raw" features. He sided with the foreigners Jet Jenkins and Ambassador Laura Lita. He went out for dumplings with the latter, and formed a close bond with them both. He eventually went on to defeat all three combatants in the tournament, and become a member of the fabled Demonscales. It was all for naught however, because the winners were boiled alive by the cruel statesman. Bonerface tried to hold on, but even he could not survive for long. He died, and no one mourned him. Not even prehistoric Skrillex.

Trivia Edit

  • His samurai level was 78.5%, earning him the title of "Pseudo-Samurai"
  • He killed thirty-five people.

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