Mini Two Best Friends Play:

Alone In The Dark

Alone in the Dark
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Game Alone In The Dark
Length 6:19
Upload Date Nov 12, 2011
Controller Pat
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“Oh, the chair! THE CHAIR!” — Pat

Mini Two Best Friends Play: Alone In The Dark is a short episode in which Matt and Pat shake their heads, blink, hit women with the toughest of knees, and break chairs.


The Two Best Friends are alone in the dark, but don't find anything scary. Just a lot of things that are confusing/retarded.
— Video Description


So what's with this game? It came out and nobody cared?
— Matt
What's attacking him? Batman?
— Matt
Get ready for that erection!
— Matt
Look at that fucker dunk!
— Pat
I'm gonna use this medical spray, and it's gonna heal my jeans.
— Pat